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Please let us know if you have an idea of something you would like to do or something you would like to see here on Crest!



Check out the Forum for new things that have been added!

Please check your Inboxes and Email for things sent out by your Admin.

And always check the Activity Stream!!!

Special Events!

Do you  have a special event that needs advertising??? Or would you like to have a party or just a get together???
Who's having babies? Who had a baby? Are YOU having a baby?!?!?!?
Everywhere you look there are babies and little ones!!!
What's in the water and do you want some *laughs*
Don't forget to join Groups and Look into the Twilight Night. The Admin would really like to get that going! We really need to know when you all are available!!! That way we can all get on here and RP, talk and just have FUN!!!


Time Zones for RP!!!!

Started by ᏋᏕᎷᏋ ፈᏬᏝᏝᏋᏁ. Last reply by Rosalie Hale Dec 27, 2016. 18 Replies

Hey guys! I know we have members from ALL over, and we would really like to try…Continue

Weekly RP Idea

Started by ᏋᏕᎷᏋ ፈᏬᏝᏝᏋᏁ. Last reply by Alice Cullen Auditioning May 8, 2016. 6 Replies

Ok guys! We do understand that everyone lives in different places and different time zones, and we would like your input on this!How about a weekly RP Day/Night??We would set this up so that we ALL know what day would be THE day EVERY week to come…Continue


Welcome and Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to TwiCrest! Here are a few useful links, Chat Guidelines, Site Rules, Admin Page, and Groups.


Also the TwiCrest Attendance Group and Current Story Lines, Keep up with the Forums, there is always something new to add or discuss!! And don't forget the Blogs!!! You never know what might be going on in La Push or in the Cullen household!!!

 Then please check out the Character List and chose your role, let an Admin know who you have chosen to play so that they may approve it.

Once you have your role you are ready to go!!


Our admins are Esme, Carlisle and Nessie

Your Assistant Admin is Leah

Your Mods are Seth, Emily, Bella, Claire, Timith and Cy

Questions, comments and concerns, please let us know!!!


Have fun and can't wait to RP with you!


Please let me know if there is anything I (or any of our Admin/Mod Team) can help you with! Feel free to inbox me at any time!

Once you have a role in mind please make sure you get in touch with a member of the Admin Team to approve it for you!

Thanks so much and again Welcome!

Much Love,

Esme, Carlisle and Renesmee



TwiCrest is an RP site where we can chose our favorite characters and take the story to the next level!

TwiCrest was created by some friends who love The Twilight Saga, and RP.

**********We are 12 years past Breaking Dawn***********

(if you have any questions about how far we are please do not hesitate to ask your Admin. We just want to make sure we are all on the same page)

 Would you guys still be interested in having any of these Contests? Please let us know! We have been trying to get these up and going for awhile now.... But we need YOUR feedback!

Let your Admin know if you still want to do these please!


Profile Contest

Header Contest

Member of the Month Contest


When a Contest is Announced please do the Following!

Make sure you read each one, and let Leah (she is in charge on Contests) know so that you may be included in the one(s) you want! The winner of the Member of the Month will have their Picture FEATURED on the Main Page of the Site!!!!! :D

(Member of the Month is not a Contest you have to join. It is something the Admin Team will choose each month)

Good Luck to you all!

Your Admin and Mods

Your Admin and Mods and TwiCrest Newsletter!

Also please click this link which will take you to the Admin page and then will allow you to also see each of the Admin and Mods, if you click on our names you will be taken directly to our pages :D

TwiCrest Newsletter!!!

Right now I have not been able to make a Newsletter. I do apologize to all of you for that. My RL has been a little crazy.

We all wish you the very best Holiday Season, be safe and we love each and every one of you!

We cannot wait to see all of you on our first every TwiFriday in January! It will run all day and into the night! We aren't going to put a time on it, that way everyone can participate!

Much Love,

Your Admin and Mods

(If you are having issues clicking on the Newsletter here it is for your Viewing Pleasure! You can click on each picture and it will open on another page larger!)


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    "***Warning*** We have noticed a lack of activity from you. We would like for you to come on and be active in RP. Please come on ASAP and participate in RP. Lack of activity will get you suspended and we would hate to lose you! We understand that RL…"
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    "well i do appreciate it Mistress i am glad that Master Aro took a liking to me and my brother and i am happy to be apart of the coven with you and Aro and everyone else and if there is anything you would like me to help with i would be happy to…"
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